28/02/2012 07:35 GMT | Updated 29/04/2012 06:12 BST

Bill Oddie Takes Badger Cull Complaint From The Humane Society To Parliament

Naturalist Bill Oddie took a man dressed up as a badger to Westminster on Tuesday morning to protest at the government's decision to cull the animals.

Ministers have given the go-ahead to a series of trial culls in England and Wales aimed at curbing TB among cows.

Badgers are thought to be the main reason why the disease is spreading among cattle herds. In most cases badgers culled in the trials will be shot. Animal welfare activists have vowed to continue their campaign against a cull.

The government insists there's strong scientific evidence to support the cull. Agriculture minister Jim Paice outlined DEFRA's position on HuffPost UK earlier this month.

Labour oppose the cull, saying there isn't enough evidence to show it would be effective, and will most likely lead to protests. Labour MP Mary Creagh outlined her party's position in this HuffPost blog post.

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Oddie was representing The Humane Society International UK, which believes the cull violates a European Treaty. They claim the Bern Convention is being broken because, among other things, alternative strategies for controlling TB in cattle and badgers have not been sufficiently explored.

The Humane Society published a YouGov poll on Tuesday which suggest 40 percent of respondents oppose the cull. A third were in favour, with the rest saying they didn't know.