28/02/2012 09:19 GMT | Updated 28/02/2012 10:11 GMT

Bristol Schoolboy Plunges From Stairwell But Headteacher 'Disappointed' With BBC Reporting

The headteacher at the school where a pupil fell from a stairwell has hit out at the BBC over its coverage of the incident.

The pupil, at Fairfield High School, Bristol, fell 45ft a Bristol City Council spokesperson estimated.

According to reports, paramedics and a critical care team from Great Western Ambulance Service (GWAS) sedated the pupil as they treated him at the scene on Friday, before he was taken to Frenchay Hospital.

The boy, who sustained head and chest injuries, is now in a stable condition. A spokesperson for Great Western Ambulance Service told the Bristol Evening Post the boy is believed to have fallen four floors.

"He is talking to his family and asking after school and his friends," headteacher Catriona Mangham said in a statement on the school's website on Monday.

In her statement, she also criticised BBC Points West, the broadcaster's West of England arm, for its reporting of the boy's fall.

Mangham told parents and pupils:

The school would also like to correct information given out on BBC Points West this evening. The student concerned did not fall from a balcony as reported but through a stairwell. The headteacher did not allow the BBC to film the inside of the school as it might be upsetting for some students. The BBC ignored that and showed library pictures. The school is very disappointed with this incorrect information being placed on a news item and the lack of respect for the school community at this distressing time.

Bristol council, who will be conducting an investigation into the incident, released a statement on behalf of the school, which confirmed a 12-year-old was hurt on Friday lunchtime.

"The emergency services were immediately called and he is now recovering in hospital with his family. Our thoughts and good wishes are with the pupil involved and his family and friends in what has been a shocking and distressing incident for us all.

"A full investigation is underway and the school is working closely with the council and the police to establish what happened.

"Support has been offered to staff and students over the weekend and will continue to be available."

Support services are available from the local authority for students.