28/02/2012 07:45 GMT | Updated 29/04/2012 06:12 BST

Peter Andre Reveals Terror At Hearing News Of Brother's Cancer

Peter Andre dashed to Australia earlier this month to be by his cancer-stricken brother's side, and the star has now spoken about his heartache after hearing the "terrifying" news of Andrew's illness.

Mysterious Girl singer Pete's older brother, 54, was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer of the kidney and the Andre family has endured a tough fortnight as they rallied around sick Andrew.

Speaking to OK! magazine about the time since the diagnosis, Pete said: "It's been a pretty hard two weeks, to be honest - the most important weeks of my life."

The pop star, 39, has now returned from Australia where his brother underwent an operation to treat the disease - but the Andre clan is still distraught as Andrew battles to beat his illness.

Pete explains: "We were pretty positive that the operation was going to be a success because, according to the scan, there was a major chance that it was, but there was no definite way of knowing until after the operation.

"As a family we have always felt so blessed to have avoided cancer - it's the one word that has never entered our family - so when Andrew was diagnosed it was terrifying. My parents are in an awful state. It's a huge operation."

He added: "If the cancer has spread it could be fatal. There are times when he can't get up and other times he's up and about and happy."

The father-of-two left children Junior, six, and Princess Tiaamii, four, with their mother Katie Price before he dashed to be with his family but, even though his kids understand their uncle is ill, they haven't grasped the full extent of the situation.

Peter said: "They know I've been away because Uncle Andrew is poorly, as I have spoken to them every day. Junior has been speaking to Andrew and he keeps asking him if he has been bitten by a snake as that's what he associates with Australia which has made Andrew laugh."

The singer admits he would drop everything for his brother, insisting his loved ones come first.

He adds: "As soon as I was told it was so serious, I got on a flight, even though I'd just got back from Zanzibar. I didn't even think about it. Family comes first."