28/02/2012 07:29 GMT | Updated 28/02/2012 07:29 GMT

Vladimir Putin Advert Encourages Young Russians To Vote For Him With Weird Virginity Gag (VIDEO)

So imagine you're Vladimir Putin. Now once you're done admiring your manly chest and hung up your imaginary judo uniform, ask yourself this question: what should an advert to encourage young Russians to vote for you look like?

If the answer you came up with involved a cute girl, a fortune teller and the implication that voting for you would be like losing your virginity, then you've had the exact same brainwave as the men behind Vlad's latest "Vote for me!" commercial.

You can watch it for yourself above, but if you're not a fluent Russian speaker, you may want to click the 'CC' button in the YouTube panel for the English subtitles. The resulting words are... pretty weird.

But perhaps we shouldn't be poking too much fun at this controversial and worryingly sexual political advert - Spain's also guilty of the same thing, with the advert we've got for you below owing as much to When Harry Met Sally... as it does to actual politics.

And yep, as you might have guessed, both adverts are very much on the NSFW/SFW borderline, so approach the play button with caution, intrepid internet traveller...