29/02/2012 05:59 GMT | Updated 29/02/2012 06:19 GMT

Cat Wins 'Shell Game', Becomes Cutest Gambler Ever (VIDEO)

You might think you're ready for the level of cat-based cute we're about to unleash on you, but you're not. Seriously, this may well be too cute, but we've performed some scientific tests and proved that it's safe for human consumption.

Meet... the cat who likes playing the shell game. It's like the cup game, but, you know, with shells.

Watching his owner's movements like a hawk, he makes it his day's mission to work out which shell is hiding the scrunched-up piece of paper. Two out of three times, he gets it right - and we like those odds.

Aided by his cat-like reflexes - very cat-like reflexes, in fact - the Danny Ocean of felines swipes at his selected shell only after a good long think: a sign of an experienced gambler.

And at the risk over overloading you with cute, here's a video gallery of some Scottish Fold cats being utterly adorable all upside your computer monitor. We dare you not to smile watching them. Double-dare you, no less.