29/02/2012 08:28 GMT | Updated 30/04/2012 06:12 BST

Lisa Maxwell Engaged: 'Loose Women' Star Proposes To Boyfriend

Loose Women panellist Lisa Maxwell made use of the 2012 leap year and proposed to her long-term partner Paul Jessup - but she got the wrong day.

February 29 is traditionally a day when women are 'allowed' to propose but the dippy actress missed the point when she popped the question to her partner a day early.

The couple, parents to daughter Beau, have been together for 15 years and Lisa, 48, announced her engagement live on TV on Wednesday.

Former The Bill actress Lisa revealed she didn't expect sculptor Paul to be taken by surprise, because they are already like a married couple.

Speaking about her romantic proposition on Loose Women, she said: "The fact we know where our lives are going, I was thinking what's the big surprise? The only thing we don't have is marriage. So yesterday I proposed to Paul.

"We were in bed at the time and I had planned it all day, trying to get it right, and all day trying to be a really, really, really lovely girlfriend because you don't really want to have a row on the day that you are going to ask that big question.

"It's something we had talked about but we hadn't really had a proposal. So I thought I would say to him, once and for all, 'Will you marry me?' - and he said, 'Of course I will, knobby!'. I love him, I want to spend the rest of my life with him. You mean the world to me, Paul. I'm so happy, I didn't know I would be. So there you go."

The couple are yet to announce the date of their wedding.


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