01/03/2012 12:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Couple Who Shared A Maternity Ward As Newborns Wed 22 Years Later!

Couple who shared a maternity ward as newborns wed 22 years later!
A pair of childhood sweethearts have married - 22 years after they first met in hospital!

But unlike most lovers, Richard and Kayleigh Brookes probably do not remember that first meeting, as they were newborns, arriving just three days apart when their mums shared a maternity ward in 1989.

When they were 11 - without any clue they had already 'met' - the youngsters became school mates, and began dating at 15.

Now 22, they have tied the knot in a dream wedding at St John the Baptist Church in Halesowen, West Midlands.

Richard told The Sun: "We couldn't believe it when we realised our mothers were in the hospital at the same time. I was born on 22 April and Kayleigh on 25 April but my mother had to stay on the ward for a week so they were there at the same time."

Recalling the early days of their romance, Richard said that Kayleigh was the only person who texted to see how he was when he was in trouble at school, and 'beaten up'. After that, he says, they started dating and have not 'spent a day apart since'.

Despite claims their young love would not last - "Everyone said it wouldn't work, including the teachers," Richard says - the couple became engaged on Kayleigh's 21st birthday, with Richard getting down on one knee to the strains of Boyzone's Every Day I Love You.

Richard said: "Our families get on very well - not least because of the coincidence of our mums giving birth at the same time - so the wedding was like one big happy family.
"The wedding was perfect, even if we had won the lottery beforehand we would have not changed a thing."

Kayleigh, an accounts assistant, said: "Everyone at school said I shouldn't go out with him as he was always getting into trouble. They said it wouldn't last five minutes but we have proved everyone wrong.

"My feelings were strong enough and I followed my own mind. We are like Romeo and Juliet but both our families get on together so the wedding day was perfect."

She added: "It was lovely when we found out we were in the same ward together as babies as it means we will be together from the start to the finish of our lives and we've never met anyone else who can say that.

The couple honeymooned in Las Vegas and will live in Oldbury, West Midlands.

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