01/03/2012 05:59 GMT

Edinburgh Zoo's Yabbra The Koala Goes Viral In Very Cute Running Clip (VIDEO)

Koalas are not well-known for their get-up-and-go, but Yabbra here is a little bit different.

After his 22-hour daily snooze - typical for koala bears, it turns out - he likes to run about, clomping down the corridors of Edinburgh Zoo with his clicketty-clack claws.

Staff there recently recorded one of his corridor-based outings on camera, uploading the resulting footage onto their YouTube page for those of us who can't make it up to Scotland anytime soon.

One of just two koalas in the UK, both at Edinburgh Zoo, six-year-old Yabbra here is pretty damn special, and part of a Europe-wide breeding program to boot.

His unusual name is, perhaps unexpectedly, of Aborigine origin, meaning "the fugitive" back in Australia. That little moniker came about because of his boisterous nature as a nipper, leaping out of his mother's pouch when he was a little 'un.

But as cute as Yabbra is here, he's definitely got some serious competition elsewhere on the web, with this video gallery here below featuring some of the cutest marsupials ever to hug a tree.