01/03/2012 09:21 GMT

Siku The Super-Cute Polar Bear Becomes Webcam Star (VIDEO)

Remeber Siku? He's the adorable polar bear cub who was born at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP) in Denmark back in November last year.

Nearly five months later and he's growing fast, but still maintaining extreme levels of cuteness as well as a good deal of interest from bear lovers all over the world.

His fan club has got so big now that SWP, Polar Bears International (PBI) and have teamed up to create a website dedicated to him, boasting a live, streaming webcam that monitors what the little munchkin is getting up to.

So far, his hobbies appear to be: being adorable, rolling on the ground, eating and yawning. It's tough being a baby polar bear in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, you know.

But it's not all about the sheer nawwwww-someness of it all - the Siku webcam website also serves to remind people about the dangers of global warming, and how the ice melting up in the north pole is hurting the environment and destroying the polar bear's habitat.

To find out more, head here for extra info, and for clear, cuter images of Siku, courtesy of Søren Koch/Hilmer & Koch Nature Photography, click play on this gallery below.

Polar Bear Cub