01/03/2012 05:47 GMT | Updated 01/05/2012 06:12 BST

Tim Vincent Bemoans His Blue Peter Past, With New Hollywood Career

As a correspondent for NBC's Access Hollywood, Tim Vincent rubs shoulders with A-list stars but is frustrated by his television roots - he's sick of being known as "that bloke off Blue Peter".

Tim, 39, quit the kids TV show 15 years ago and his glamorous Hollywood job has led to flirting with Madonna and a friendship with Robert De Niro, but the star, who once spent a debauched weekend with The Rolling Stones, insists he's known only for his Blue Peter past.

In an interview with The Mirror, he said: "In the past 12 months, I've interviewed pretty much everybody from George Clooney to Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Johnny Depp to Dustin Hoffman. And yet, whenever I go back home, all people do is say, 'Oh, look, it's that bloke off Blue Peter'.

"For the last six months, 95% of my TV work has been in the States. I only did Blue Peter for three years but still, in Britain, that's what people know me for."

Despite his frustration with the British public, he does accept the BBC show launched his American career.

On his Blue Peter past, Tim said: "It is a little frustrating but given what I'm doing, I can't really complain. I know how lucky I am. That show got six million viewers at 5pm, it says a lot about it that it's still going. And Blue Peter is still opening doors for me in Hollywood. Three years ago, I hosted a primetime NBC show, Phenomenon - it was like American Idol for magicians.

"The producers were British, and people I'd not met before. But one of them used to watch me on Blue Peter, and knew I could handle live TV. I have that show to thank for so much."

And while he would like to shed his UK children's TV image, Tim is not ready to have an LA nip and tick just yet: "I've not had Botox or any work done, yet, aside from the teeth, although I wouldn't rule it out in the future... But I do go to the gym four or five times a week and there is that pressure to look a certain way."