01/03/2012 10:33 GMT | Updated 01/05/2012 06:12 BST

Tonight's TV Pick: Thursday - Glee, Kidnap And Ransom, Woof! Horizon Guide To Dogs

Glee's back on its adopted home of Sky1 tonight, and everyone appears to have marriage on the brain. And there's a star turn in surprising form from none other than Helen Mirren.

Will you be tuning in for more Glee, or have you had enough of these high school theatrics? Let us know. For die-hard fans, here are a couple of little off-stage titbits to whet your fancy. For everyone else, jump to our viewing alternatives for tonight below...

Glee - 9pm, Sky1

Jane Lynch is relieved she failed to find fame early on in her career as she's convinced "public opinion" of her performances would have affected her self-esteem.

The Glee actress appeared in several minor TV parts in the 1990s and early 2000s before adding to her resume with movie roles and finally shooting to stardom as Sue Sylvester in the hit musical series.

Lynch admits she's "influenced" by comments she hears about her performances, and is pleased she's dealing with fame at the mature age of 51 rather than as a young woman.

When asked by a reporter for Britain's Metro newspaper whether she'd have coped with success when she was younger, Lynch replied,

"That's a good question and the answer is no. I was very much influenced by what I'd hear on the outside. My self-esteem would have blown with the winds of public opinion.

"I probably would have been reading blogs and comments on blogs, and they would probably hurt my feelings and make me feel awful about myself. And if they were positive, they would inflate me. I think I would have had, 20 years ago, a hard time finding a happy medium."

Meanwhile, star Lea Michele's romance with Glee co-star Cory Monteith appears to be heating up - the new couple has just returned to Los Angeles from a romantic weekend in his native Vancouver, Canada.

Michele and Monteith, who play lovers on the hit TV show, were spotted dining at sushi restaurant Eatery on Saturday.

A fellow diner tells Life & Style magazine, "A woman recognised the pair and though they politely said that they were trying to lay low, they were still very nice to her. No one else bothered them."

Woof! A Horizon Guide To Dogs - 8pm, BBC4

Just a whole load of mutts moseying around with a bit of science and canine history weaved in - are all dogs really developed from wolves? - but really, it's all about the labradoodles. Required viewing for those with furry friends.

Kidnap and Ransom - 9pm, ITV1

Things aren't getting any easier for Trevor Eve, on fine furrowed-brow form as hostage negotiator Dominic King, trying desperately to sort out a small problem of bus rage under a sweltering Kashmir sun. Is he a maverick? Of course. Is he the hostages' only hope? You betchya.