01/03/2012 17:34 GMT

UK Weather: Wind And Rain To Replace Spring Sunshine Over The Weekend

March brings breezes sharp and shrill, or so the rhyme goes. However despite media reports that the weather is going to be "much colder" over the coming months, the temperature is only going to drop in line with what would be expected for this time of year.

After highs of 14C experienced across the UK, it is likely to feel much chillier. The weather is due to turn over the weekend as cooler air comes in from the Atlantic.

Although northern areas of Britain will see most of the cold air, on Sunday it is likely to be more inclement in the south of England too.

There's a strong possibility of rain, and temperatures will dip to around 6C or 7C. Strong winds are also set to sweep across Britain, although it is not clear where the gusts will hit, the Met Office has said.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will have a much brighter day, with the possibility of snow over higher ground. However, whilst the sun continues to shine and the daffodils dance for St David's Day, take a look at some of the pictures of Briton enjoying the warm weather.