05/03/2012 09:42 GMT | Updated 05/05/2012 06:12 BST

Amazing Fantasy Landscapes Made From Spare Jigsaw Pieces

SOURCE: Caters

An artist has created this spectacular series of breath-taking fantasy landscapes - using thousands of assorted pieces from dozens of different jigsaw puzzles.

Dedicated Gerhard Mayer spends months painstakingly piecing together his wonderful work, layering assorted puzzle pieces on top of each other to make his collages.

While a common jigsaw puzzle is hard and time consuming enough, Gerhard, 49, pieces dozens of different puzzles together into one gigantic landscape to look like a painting.

The meticulous process behind his intricate work takes him up to three months to finish with his gigantic mosaics measuring 18 meters in size and covering entire gallery walls.

Patient Gerhard, 49, uses more than 100,000 segments all carefully placed together and has so far made nearly 80 different landscapes.

Gerhard, from Nurnberg, Germany, said: "First of all I piece together different sections as a background and then place multiple layers on top to create a completely new puzzle.

"Each fragment is fixed with glue onto panels of aluminium, all done by hand with no other type of colouring used other than that of the puzzles.

"My smaller collages can take something like just over a week but my biggest take more than three months as they are so detailed.

"The technique makes them look from a distance like someone has painted them. I've made collages all my life, especially during my studies, it was always my passion.

"While the first puzzle I ever finished was in 2002, it fitted in with what I've always done.

"The aim is to try and create a children's world using popular material for collages which look like paintings."

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