06/03/2012 05:20 GMT | Updated 06/03/2012 06:33 GMT

Andrew Lansley Heckled By Doctor: 'Your Bill Is Rubbish And You Know It' (VIDEO)

Andrew Lansley has been angrily heckled by a doctor over his controversial plans to reform the National Health Service.

Protected by police officers and pursued by photographers, the health secretary calmly ignored shouts as he paid a visit to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead on Monday afternoon.

"I'm a doctor of 30 years Mr Lansley, explain to me how this is going to make patients better," a man's voice can be heard shouting.

"Nobody understands your bill. It has a thousand amendments because it was so poorly drafted."

He adds: "The bill is rubbish and you know it."

Another protester is heard to yell: "Shame on you Andrew Lansley".

As one employee of the hospital told the Huffington Post UK: "I wouldn't have thought a hospital would be the safest place for him."

Towards the end of the video a familiar face is visible. June Hautot, who gained fifteen minutes of fame for confronting Lansley outside Downing Street can be seen in the corridor holding a sign that reads "stop the codswallop".

Monday's incident is not the first time ministers have been shouted at by medical staff. Last year David Cameron and Nick Clegg were told off for ignoring hospital procedure by failing to roll up their sleeves.