06/03/2012 11:25 GMT

Dog Loves Toy Mouse More Than Anything Else In The World... Until The Battery Runs Out (VIDEO)

Maymo is just a dog. Just a dog who loves playing with his toy mouse very, very much. But imagine poor Maymo's disappointment when his best, mousiest friend in the world when he runs out of battery...

Put it this way, he's distraught. But until Mousey here runs out of juice, there's not pooch on this planet who's happier. Seriously, we doubt any animal - humans included - has ever been this amused by a toy mouse.

To see what we mean, click play on the video above, and prepare to feel incredibly excited by proxy. "Mouse! Mouse! Mouse! Mouse! Mouse!", he seems to be thinking. Has to be thinking, really.

And for more dog-based cuteness, check out our dog tricks video gallery below. Is jumping up and down near a toy mouse a trick? We like to think so...