06/03/2012 11:52 GMT

London 2012 Olympics: Games Diversity And Inclusion Quiz Labelled 'Patronising'

A 'diversity and inclusion' quiz used to train London 2012 volunteers has come under fire for 'patronising' advice on how to deal with gay, Muslim and disabled visitors to the games.

The information includes how to deal with a spectator if you cannot tell if it is a man or woman, if two gay men are holding hands or if visitors raise questions about Muslims in headscarves.

About 70,000 people have been given the advice in the My Games Maker Workbook, produced by the organisers of London 2012.

The questions describe various scenarios with the Games Makers' expected to choose either a, b or c.

One question in the workbook describes a complaint from a spectator made "very uncomfortable" by two men sitting next to him holding hands.

Among potential multiple-choice answers are the options to tell him to "stop being a homophobic idiot" or "politely ask the couple to stop holding hands".

The third answer is: "You explain that there is a huge diversity of people at the London 2012 Games, which includes gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals and couples."

One volunteer told the Manchester Evening News: "I thought it was unnecessary and they could have spent the money in other ways.

"I know they are trying to cater for everybody but this was a bit patronising.

"They should trust people's common sense."

The workbook includes a quiz on various scenarios involving sexual orientation, gender, race and disability.

It has been used at training events for volunteers in London and will be used at further events across the UK.

In the gender section, volunteers are asked how to direct a member of the public to the toilets if they could not tell whether they were male or female.

Answers include: "Ask them politely if they are male or female", "panic", or "tell them where the male, female toilets and accessible toilets are."

There was no response from the London 2012 Organising Committee when asked for comment.