Men In Black 3: Does First Trailer See Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones Meet Lady Gaga? (VIDEO)

Men in Black are back... for a third outing.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up with Josh Brolin for more adventures as the earth's protectors.

If this clip's anything to go by, this could be one of those rare franchises where the plot standards remain high. Here, Agent J (Will Smith) grapple with an oversized goldfish, and a waitress's magnetic chewing gum, before finally travelling back to 1969 to find and protect his partner Agent K (Jones), change the course of history, and meet a strangely familiar figure.

And eagle-eyed viewers are already wondering if Lady Gaga has, as hinted and speculated, made a guest appearance in this one. See if you can spot her around the 1.23 mark in the trailer!

The original 1997 Men in Black has made over $500 million, and its sequel nearly half that. Will the third outing match its predecessors, or be a disappointing squid? The film will be in UK cinemas on 25 May. In the meantime, check out the trailer and see what you think...