06/03/2012 16:33 GMT

Students Break Guinness World Record For Biggest Practical Science Lesson (PICTURES)

Schoolchildren have broken the Guinness World Record for the biggest practical science lesson by taking part in a bubble-blowing exercise.

The lesson, held in anticipation of The Big Bang Fair which starts next week, was led by world bubble mastermind Samsam Bubbleman. More than 250 students produced thousands of bubbles and soap shapes, which blew away the previous world record.

Samsam said the experience had been "un-bubble-ievable".

"I can’t think of a better way to celebrate The Big Bang Fair coming to Birmingham than blowing our way into the books of Guinness World Records. There are so many scientific experiments you can attempt with a bubble, from making square bubbles, to powering the world!”

The Big Bang Fair is the UK’s largest free science and engineering event for young people. Organisers expect a record number of young people to attend the fair held in Birmingham next week.

Youngsters can take part in a host of interactive activities, workshops and live shows, including Sky One’s Brainiac Live! and BBC One’s Bang Goes the Theory. The fair also hosts the finals of the 2012 National Science & Engineering Competition where students from across the country will compete in to claim one of the UK’s most prestigious science and engineering honours for young people.