07/03/2012 08:35 GMT | Updated 07/03/2012 08:37 GMT

Ira Fox's 'Reflections' Finds Beauty In Gloomy Weather

Here in the UK, we are internationally renowned for our poor weather.

Seasoned pros with umbrellas at the ready, we hop, skip and jump over puddles getting to our destination in no time.

And although we talk about the rain endlessly when safely inside the four walls of our home, office or the pub, it’s rare that we actually stop to take it in.

Luckily for us when others are cowering in shop doorways and drying their hair in bathroom, New York based photographer Ira Fox heads out against the crowd of rain macs, armed with a camera.

The result is a stunning series called Reflections, which captures the beauty of adverse weather conditions in famous Union Square, New York.

Taking pictures of puddles, Fox has captured images of an underwater world in the mini pools of water. The mirror images create a beautiful contrast to the gritty metropolis of the world they invert.

So next time we have adverse weather conditions (probably this afternoon), don’t just moan about it, grab a camera and take a second to appreciate its beauty...

Reflections in Puddles