07/03/2012 11:05 GMT | Updated 07/03/2012 11:10 GMT

Jean Dujardin Reveals Another Brilliant Funny Or Die Skit, Tries To Sell Fake Cigarettes (VIDEO)

It may only be 44 seconds long, but Jean Dujardin's second Funny Or Die video is an absolute delight - though it may make you want to light up.

Sure, the idea of a faked cigarette advert may not sound like a particular generous mine for comedy gold, but in the hands of The Artist's Oscar-winning star, anything is possible - and really rather cool, to be honest.

Who else has the Gallic charm required to high ten and low ten a cartoon wolf? Only Jean Dujardin. Possibly Uggie, as he's a dog and all, but even then, we're not sure about that.

And after watching the video above, you'll probably be keen to watch Dujardin's first Funny Or Die clip, unveiled back when he hadn't won an Oscar yet. So just for the sake of convenience, here it is below, just for you.