07/03/2012 14:29 GMT | Updated 07/05/2012 06:12 BST

Prince Harry Labelled 'Slave Master' By Protesters On Tour Of Jamaica

Prince Harry was labelled a "slave master" as he faced a small protest on his tour of Jamaica.

Harry was met with demonstrators as he arrived at the William Knibb Baptist church in Falmouth, Jamaica to pay tribute to Knibb, who campaigned against slavery.

Three demonstrators waved placards. One read: "Down with Harry the slave master", while another demanded "reparations for 400 years of slavery" and asked: "Your Granny says slavery was not a crime, what do you think Harry?".

Stephen Riviere, of the Hanover Rastafarian group, said: "The House of Windsor has made a fortune off the back of slavery and the Jamaican government should ditch the monarchy as soon as possible."

Earlier Harry showed off his prowess on the firing range, and proved he is a top marksman. But he also changed his plans to join in an abseiling demonstration after the news that six British soldiers had been killed in a single incident in Afghanistan.

Later Harry, 27, laughed as nearby geese began clucking before the William Knibb Memorial High School choir performed a comic song about Jamaican food.

He then paused at a memorial laid in memory of Knibb, a 19th century slave emancipator and Baptist priest.

Harry continued on a tour of the historic seaside town on Jamaica's north coast in one of its traditional "trolleys", also taking in Falmouth Parish Church, where he unveiled a plaque to a recently restored 216 year old clock.

But a planned walkabout of Water Square had to be abandoned when the royal party got mobbed by screaming fans.

The prince had planned to spend 25 minutes on the quayside but cut short the walkabout because of the crowds.

The mooring of two enormous cruise liners carrying thousands of tourists, combined with a large turnout by Falmouth locals caused an unexpected throng to gather.