07/03/2012 12:43 GMT | Updated 07/03/2012 12:45 GMT

Top Ten Things To Do When Facebook's Down

Social media fans were in a flurry this morning as Facebook went down briefly in the UK and Europe.

Many took to Twitter to vent their rage, and joy.

*serious face* @tariqkrim wrote "Facebook two hours down time this morning may make us rethink our login strategy #facebookconnect".

Others joked about how addicted we all are to the social network. @Purple_Cow wrote "#Facebook is #down, expect a surge in productivity in offices". @oejohnsen wrote "FYI. The reason why Facebook went down today, was because Chuck Norris was asked to fill out Captcha...yet again".

Anonymous stepped up and nonchalantly took responsibility for the site's failure. Well, it claimed the victory as well as a loosely-assembled group of leaderless hackers can - via the Twitter account @YourAnonNews.

The great news is, that there's plenty of things to do when one website that you don't pay for is not working. You could go outside into the real world, connect with a friend via the telephone or in person and perhaps even tell them you like them face-to-face.

The whole of the internet is there to please you in this circumstance.

Beyond writing your next amazing Huff Post blog, which you should be doing anyway, there's a wealth of sites we recommend to you when Facebook is down.

Check out our slideshow below, along with some of Twitter's best comments on the Facebook drama.

What do you do when Facebook's down?