08/03/2012 07:27 GMT | Updated 08/05/2012 06:12 BST

Cat Show In Czech Republic (PICTURES)

This regally named Siamese pedigree fit right in at an exhibition of “noble” cats, held in the Czech Republic last week.

Queen Bugatti Lenkat (for that is her full name) was happy to stretch to her full length as she displayed her ivory coat for the crowds.

Fellow Siamese Xyacant Rubelit appeared slightly perplexed during his showing, although that may have been down to his futile efforts to spell his own name.

Persian Barny Tabby Mag Hokam was also on display, although looked less than pleased, nay, scowly-faced, by the attention.

The event was a showcase of previous winners of the hotly–contested Cat of the Year 2011 competition.

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