08/03/2012 04:36 GMT | Updated 08/03/2012 06:53 GMT

Forget The iPad 3 - Here's BBC Comedy's 'Horse iPad' (VIDEO)

We reckon BBC Comedy's latest short, 'Horse iPad', might do well. How do we know? Well, for one thing, it's really rather endearing, and for two, it involves both horses and Apple products - two things the web absolutely loves.

Plus, it's got lots of little mini-jokes hidden throughout - our favourite is the way the social media website Red Rum is using is called "Longfacebook" - which helps it stand up to repeated viewings.

The guys behind the short, the Dawson Bros., have a website if you want to check it out - and if you were wondering who they might be, they're the awesome people behind the "My Blackberry is not working" One Ronnie sketch from back in 2010. They like their technology gags, these guys.

And just so you know, 'Horse iPad' was also co-written Nat Saunders, the man behind Misery Bear, who you can follow on Twitter here, you lucky things.

It also reminds us of Peter Serafinowicz and his beautiful skit called 'The Mactini', which we've added here below, just because. He really is a very funny man, that Serafinowicz character - just have a listen to his pirate radio Terry Wogan if you don't believe us...