08/03/2012 05:46 GMT | Updated 08/05/2012 12:30 BST

Top 10 Innovative Women To Follow On Twitter

Want inspiration from Twitter's leading female innovators? Here's the first ten of our killer list of sisters tweeting it for themselves:


Vagenda Magazine has only been going since 19 January, but it's taken the nation by storm. These ladies have been on Radio 4 Woman's Hour, fighting with Cosmopolitan about what women really want in a glossy, as well as appearing in the London Evening Standard.

It's an exceptionally clicky blogspot - yes, rare on this platform, I know - which sets out to pierce through the fantasy delivered via conventional women's press, with plenty of lulz.


The Twitter account of The F Word, a contemporary feminist webzine which has been going since 2001, has allowed the website to further its mission of encouraging a "new sense of community among UK feminists".

As well as promoting its own feed of brilliant, crowd-sourced articles, @thefworduk offers interesting community debate on everything from rape to pink lego.


The bio says "The Awesome Women of Twitter. Fairly self explanatory. We meet up, drink gin and eat cake."

However, what started at the end of 2011 as a desire to hang out with all those fun strangers on Twitter who you speak to every day but have never met has turned into a community-based website, hosting blogs from anonymous strippers and rape victims, comment from transsexuals and funny women writing funny things.

Awot has not, however, forgotten its roots and hosts meet-ups regularly: the specification? You're on Twitter, you're awesome, and you're a woman.


Lady Geek aims to make technology more accessible to women, without the 'pink it and shrink it' attitude that so many manufacturers adopt in an attempt to woo the fairer sex.

Their feed is neither shrunk nor...punked (?) and offers the best in tech news as well as the top gadgets necessary for a tech-savvy woman. They're so good, they've even managed to get their expertise into the tech-resistant woman's glossy.


A no-nonsense northern not for profit organisation that champions careers for women in science, tech, digital, engineering and enterprise.

Girl Geeks is a charitable foundation to support girls from disadvantaged backgrounds into 'geek' industries, and offers membership to those who've made it already. They also run events for Girl Geeks to support, meet and network with each other, as well as host talks from influential women in industry.


SheSays is an international organisation that helps women make their mark in digital creative industries by organising events, conferences and meetups. Furthermore, they're starting to offer practical, hands-on courses to help women into digital enterprise. Follow them for event details and the latest happenings for young creative talent.


Do you blog? Are you female? Are you following @CybherUK? You probably should be. May 2012 will see the first all inclusive blogger event happen in London, bringing together the best and brightest in the blogosphere to network, share and learn about online publishing - all in one day.


The teenage e-zine you wished you were still young enough to read guilt-free. It's ok, read it now anyway. Tavi Gevinson's latest creation offers up far more sensible girl-friendly chatter to the online masses than most women's glossies.


If there's one way to get people interested in technology, it's in creating it yourself - at least, that's the attitude behind Technology Will Save Us, anyway. With the 'desire to produce' nestled at the project's core, Technology Will Save Us associates itself with crafting and community, working towards a more sustainable society. Not gender-specific, it's still a great way to get involved with tech in an innovative and accessible way.


Co-hosted by lady technologist Kaitlin Thaney (@kaythaney), SameAs is a monthly London-based meetup which brings people from different backgrounds together to talk about issues with a scientific and tech focus. Promising to be 'pint-fuelled and free', it's a fabulously informal way to hear from and discuss with big thinkers.