09/03/2012 10:16 GMT

'Dog Loves His Toy Mouse' And Nine Other Of This Week's Funniest Viral Videos

Sometimes we get jealous of animals. Not because we especially want fur, feathers, claws and so on, but more because we want their ability to enjoy things far more than we ever could.

Here's one clear-cut example of 'animal envy' to show you what we mean. Just take a look at the little fellow, leaping and barking and snapping away - he's having the time of his life with this battery-powered mouse.

Put the same toy rodent in front of a 13-year-old boy and he'll be looking for his PS Vita in no time. Sad, but true.

So join us, why not, in a brief bit of animal appreciation, and after that, nine other funny videos we've loved over the last week, from Ricky Martin cropping up during a national anthem to a iPad for horses. You won't be disappointed, we promise you...