09/03/2012 06:42 GMT | Updated 09/03/2012 06:48 GMT

Germany Breaks With Tradition And Produces Its Very Own, Very Funny iPad Comedy Sketch (VIDEO)

Now we're not looking to reinforce national stereotypes here, but we don't think we'd be going too far in saying that Germany isn't exactly famed for its amazing sense of humour.

So it comes as a lovely surprise to discover this really rather amusing skit from a German sketch show, Martina Hill's Knallerfrauen.

Revolving around some cooking between a father and her daughter, it also incorporates an iPad - but we won't spoil the joke for you by telling you exactly how it works here: take a look at the video above and judge for youself.

And for those of you who can't speak fluent German, here's a translation of what's said:

Daughter: Dad, I meant to ask you, how do you get along with the new iPad that we gave you as a birthday present?

Dad: Good.

Daughter: You also get along with all those apps?

Dad: What apps? Can you please move a little bit... so... What?

See, it's funny! Hats off to you, Martina Hill. And just because somehow it reminds us of it, here's Monty Python's 'Funniest Joke In The World' sketch, just for you.