09/03/2012 06:51 GMT | Updated 09/05/2012 06:12 BST

Patrick Kane, London's Bionic Teenager

London's own bionic man, teenager Patrick Kane, has shared his remarkable space-age arm with the global public for the first time.

The teen, who suffered meningococcal septicaemia as a child, has a remarkable bionic arm and carbon fibre foot in stand-out black in place of the limbs he lost to the illness.

Two years ago, at 13, Kane was the youngest patient in the world to be fitted with the pioneering prosthetic arm.

Kane told the BBC that he's not fussed about blending in. He loves the cool look of the black arm, which he says is fake anyway, so why hide it?

Kane is not the only teenager to sport an ultra-modern prosthetic. Mercedes sponsored the prosthetic left hand of teenager.

Matthew James, 14, from Wokingham in Berkshire approached the Mercedes boss Ross Brawn to ask for help.

Mercedes stepped up the challenge, and sponsored the build of a remarkably mobile iLimb from Touch Bionics.

Brawn is an old boy of James' school, and he was more than happy to help out a youngster from his alma mater.

Mercedes kindly declined a logo placement on James' arm, instead they found they had a mutual interest in technology development with Touch Bionics.