12/03/2012 15:27 GMT

Watch Out: Ana Solers' 'Cause and Effect'

Whenever artist Ana Solers comes to town, people rush home to put the expensive china away. With all those tennis balls flying through the room at her latest installation Cause and Effect, something is just bound to get broken. Isn’t it?

Well despite appearances, the 2000 tennis balls that make up the exhibition at the Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante, Spain, aren’t actually moving.

Each is individually suspended on a nylon thread so fine it is almost invisible to the naked eye. Carefully positioned to imitate trajectories, the installation gives the impression that the balls are bouncing all over the place.

It isn’t the first time the multimedia artist has created such painstaking work; previously she has created clouds of strings and coins, and hung hundreds of pairs of scissors and spoons from the ceiling.