12/03/2012 07:27 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 12:47 GMT

Manchester City's Crying Fan Reveals Himself.. Or Does He?

A Twitter user has revealed himself as the crying Manchester City fan, who wept at Sunday's defeat to Swansea City.

John Millington, going under the username of @JPM9685, confessed that he was the supporter who became visibly upset after Luke Moore headed Swansea ahead.

Cameras captured the distraught City fan crouched forward and holding his head just seconds after the eventual winner.

The supporter became an instant figure of ridicule on the micro-blogging site as supporters of opposition clubs, chiefly Manchester United fans, mocked his behaviour.

The hashtag #cryingcityfanexcuses is the latest schadenfreude-inspired mode of attack on the social networking site.

Mr Millington however claims he wasn't really crying:

Maine Road's tall floodlights and "Mike Summerbee didn't like my stats" are just two of a plethora of sardonic suggestions aired.

City's loss, coupled with United's win at home to West Bromwich Albion on Sunday, has seen the Reds leapfrog their rivals into first place.

Just 10 games remain for both sides as they duel for the Premier League title, with City entertaining United at the Etihad Stadium on 30 April.

United lead their noisy neighbours by a point and could extend that to four away to Wolverhampton Wanderers at the weekend, as City don't have a league fixture.