12/03/2012 13:30 GMT | Updated 12/03/2012 13:32 GMT

Simon Cowell's 'Red Or Black?' Will Return, With A Changed Format

Controversial gameshow Red Or Black? is returning for a second series but with changes to the format that give contestants "more control" over whether they win or lose.

The first series of Simon Cowell's skill-free show, where success was based on pure luck, ran into trouble over concerns that it glamorised betting.

Officials from the Gambling Commission, which regulates the industry in the UK, met ITV bosses recently to discuss the show, which offered a £1 million prize to contestants who chose between red or black.

ITV said the show, which will again be hosted by Ant and Dec when it returns to ITV1 later this year, will now see contestants "use their judgment and skill to battle it out to win big money prizes".

The Geordie duo said: "Red Or Black? is an extravaganza of a show, it's the most nerve-wracking thing to work on but hugely exciting with so much at stake for the contestants. We're really excited to be going again with the new series."

Another change to the format sees the prize money roll over with a possible jackpot of £3.5 million being up for grabs by the end of the week if no one else claims it.

Simon said: "One of the things I love most about this show is that it's exciting, unpredictable, scary, and a bit nuts all in one. I'm delighted it's back and am excited about the possibility of rollover winnings and some even bigger games."

The first series was the subject of controversy when it emerged the first jackpot went to a contestant who had been jailed for a violent attack and several other contestants were removed from further shows after investigations into their backgrounds.