Stephen Hawking To Make Cameo In 'The Big Bang Theory'

Physicist Stephen Hawking is to make a cameo appearance in American sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The eminent scientist, who recently turned 70, will turn up in the show after filing his spot on a recent trip to California.

Hawking will guest star on the CBS-produced show on 5 April.

For those familiar to the programme, we're informed Hawking will meet Sheldon, the most neurotic and nerdy genius among the four nerdy geniuses at the show's core.

Sheldon was pranked in previous episode with a fake voicemail supposedly from the brilliant scientist.

Despite motor neurone disease leaving him paralysed and virtually unable to speak, Hawking has earned huge fame through his research and books, which have sold millions around the world.

His distinctive computerised voice has also boosted his fame, and indeed Hawking is no stranger to guest spots on (generally fairly nerdy) TV shows.

He has previously recorded spots on Star Trek, four episodes of The Simpsons and two on Futurama, and his list of TV credits also includes numerous science documentaries, chat-shows and even a special about sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf.

"The appeal of The Simpsons is that the characters display all of the traits we see in ourselves," Hawking said on The Culture Show. Take a look in the clip below.