12/03/2012 06:56 GMT | Updated 03/02/2015 11:59 GMT

Whitechapel DVD Release: How True To Real Life Is It? (VIDEO CLIP)

Whitechapel has caught fans' imagination with its gothic depiction of crime set in London's contemporary East End.

Series 3 sees DI Joseph Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) and his new unit still based in Whitechapel Police Station, slightly removed from the prosaic and day-to-day policing. With a huge crime archive at their fingertips in a treasure-trove beneath the incident room, the oft-overlooked Edward Buchan (Steve Pemberton) begins eagerly sorting such delectable primary sources.

WATCH: To mark today's release of Series 3 on DVD, we have a clip of the show's stars discussing how true-to-life the stories are, what the psychology of fear means for viewers, and just how gruesome it really is in a forensic laboratory.