13/03/2012 13:26 GMT

Tonight's TV Pick: 'The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation' & 'The Biggest Loser'

The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation - 8pm, BBC2

Oh, to have the life of the Hairy Bikers - isn't a 'bakeation' just the perfect sounding holiday? This new series sees Dave Myers and Simon King make an epic 5000-mile journey across Europe, combining their two loves - baking and biking.

Their odyssey begins on the West coast of Norway and takes them through some of Europe’s most dramatic scenery as they cook and eat their way across 12 countries, ending in Spain.

In episode one, the lucky fellas discover a 95-year-old who still makes waffles on her 65-year-old waffle iron, while the pair themselves make Scandinavian rye bread, cardamom and lemon cookies, and ham and cheese-filled pastries in Norway.

Speaking about the show, Dave recently told The Press And Journal: “Our attitude to daily bread is different in Britain. There’s a proliferation of corner bakers in Italy, France and Spain, and across Europe, but there isn’t right across this country.

“One side of the Norwegian baker’s factory was glass, looking out over a waterfall. His quality of life was amazing. He wasn’t supplying supermarkets, but people’s daily bread." And the boys bring viewers a bit of that life in this series, to enjoy from their armchairs.

The Biggest Loser - 9pm, ITV1

Who's going to be crowned the easily-misinterpreted title of 'The Biggest Loser 2012'? Amy McLernon from South Shields, Sarah Partridge from Haverfordwest in Wales and Kevin McLernon from Sunderland have made it to the final of the weight loss show, fronted by Davina McCall, after weeks of gruelling training sessions, alongside tears, temptations and shocking revelations.

Now, one of them will scoop the £25,000 prize money and aim to keep the weight, which has caused such distress and health problems, off for good.