14/03/2012 09:54 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 10:02 GMT

Puppy Uses Great Dane As A Slide (VIDEO)

So you know the deal: you're trying to fall asleep on a Great Dane, but you can't seem to get any purchase. They're just too slippery!

Of course, we all know this already, as we've tried (and failed) to sleep on a Great Dane before, but this poor Basenji puppy just doesn't know any better, the poor dear.

That said, though his sleeping plan has come a cropper, he has discovered something even better: the Great Dane slide.

Hats off to this tiny dog and his ingenious ways. We salute you, sir. And in honour of your awesome, slidey ways, here's a video gallery of other pooches being utterly adorable.