14/03/2012 07:23 GMT

New Zealand Beer 'DB Export Dry' Creates Chucklesome 'Say No To Wine' Adverts (VIDEO)

Creating a funny advert is not easy. You've got to get the audience laughing as well as willing to buy the product in just a minute or so - no mean feat.

But New Zealand beer brand DB Export Dry have managed it with this clever 'Say no to wine' advert.

Set in the '80s, it riffs off the often-thought-but-ne'er-so-well-expressed feeling many men have: that sensation of being forced to drink wine in certain social situations because it's the done thing.

DB Export Dry offers itself up as the acceptable alternative to sipping a beaujolais at the work barbecue - a beer with style, grace and a good sense of humour... and thanks to a great script, it does so brilliantly.

Just wait for the jump to the present day at the end: you may end up quoting it down the pub this very evening.

But the main advert we've got for you above isn't the only commercial they've released as part of the campaign - check out the following mini-ads on the topics of 'The Swirl', 'The Sniff' and 'The Stall'. If you liked the ad above, you won't be disappointed.