14/03/2012 06:42 GMT

Puppy Playfights With Two Piglets (VIDEO)

Out there in the wild, animals of different species don't playfight with each other - when they fight, they fight. Can you imagine a pair of piglets enjoying a bit of rough and tumble with a wild dog? It wouldn't end too well, to be honest.

But recently we've been seeing more and more traditional animal enemies getting on like a house on fire. Remember those two lions having a laugh with a dog? It's pretty awesome.

Today, we've got another example of a unusual animal friendship for you, in the form of these two piglets and this puppy called Rylee.

They may nip each others' legs a couple of times, but there's love there. Bouncy, squeaking, yappy love.

And for more instances of different members of the animal kingdom getting along, check out this 'animals riding other animals' video gallery we've got for you below. It starts with some baby chicks on a dog's back, and it only gets cuter from there on in...