14/03/2012 13:43 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 13:48 GMT

Swiss Coach Crash: Investigators Say Vehicle Was Not Speeding

The coach that crashed in Switzerland killing 28 people was not speeding, according to investigators.

The news was revealed during a press conference in Sion, Switzerland, attended by the Belgian prime minister Elio Di Rupo, who called it a "dark day for Belgium".

Di Rupo also revealed that many of the parents who boarded a plane on Wednesday morning bound for Switzerland did not know whether their children were alive or dead.

So far 22 of the 24 children who were killed have been identified and their families have been informed. During the conference, Swiss authorities promised that the remaining two children would be identified “very soon”.

It was also revealed that investigators believe the children were wearing safety belts on the coach.

What caused the crash remains a mystery, though CCTV cameras in the tunnel revealed that no other vehicle was involved.

An autopsy is being carried out on the driver to see if he had a medical condition.

Earlier, the wife of one of the drivers who died in the accident told Flemish television channel VTM that she had learned about her husband’s death on the Internet.

“Usually, he always tells me when he gets on the road,” she said. “But yesterday that wasn’t the case. When I woke up around 3.30am and saw he still hadn’t sent me a SMS, I started to worry. When I tried calling him, it went straight to voicemail.”

After learning about the tragedy on an information website, she “called the coach company directly.”

At the hospital in Sion, a doctor told the Associated Foreign Press that the surviving children seemed “excessively calm.”

“After everything they have been through, it is incredible. They are demonstrating an incredible stoicism,” he added.