14/03/2012 08:25 GMT | Updated 14/03/2012 08:32 GMT

Tonight's TV Pick: Rights Gone Wrong? & 10 O'Clock Live

Rights Gone Wrong? - 9pm, BBC2

Journalist Andrew Neil searches for the best way to protect human rights while restoring public faith in a justice system that some feel has lost touch with common sense - a perfectly-timed documentary in light of the controversy over the inability to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada and the banning of prayers before council meetings.

This morning on BBC Breakfast, Neil gave his view on the debate, saying: "The European convention of human rights is not a foreign concept - it was created by Winston Churchill, you can't get more British than that. It's made lots of rulings that have been beneficial and ahead of the game when gay rights were not at the head of the queue. It got rid of corporal punishment in schools and I used the European Court once when the Thatcher government tried to put me in jail...

"But there have been a couple of rulings recently where the court has become more active and extended itself into areas it wasn't involved in before, and where its rulings are out of kilter with public moods and with politicians on the left and the right."

Neil tries to cut through the raging and misleading headlines the court has attracted, to get to the truth of why we follow Brussels’ lead – though there are still cases featured here that will ruffle even the most liberal feathers.

One of those cases pops up during the show when Neil speaks to John Hurst who campaigned for prisoners to have the right to vote. Hurst tells him, "Murderers, rapists, people convicted of manslaughter are entitled to human rights."

It's a provocative subject matter that makes for a fascinating documentary.

10 O'Clock Live - 10pm, Channel 4

David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne have another stab at getting a laugh from the week's news. This is a current affairs show that, one series on, still feels like it's finding its feet, but there are spots of quality satire within it every now and again.