16/03/2012 11:48 GMT | Updated 16/03/2012 13:44 GMT

Jesus Christ: Builder Finds Face Of Religious Figure In Wall (PHOTOS)

As the Bible says, Jesus can be found anywhere. But it probably didn't mean a wall in Edroth, Yorkshire.

Sam Dalby was decorating when he noticed the strange face in a a section of wall.

"I hadn’t seen the face earlier on when I was working close up to it," reported the Daily Mail.

"It was only when I sat down that it turned up," he said. "I was sitting face-to-face with Jesus."

But Dalby said that he was not moved enough by the humbling discovery to stop him in his work.

Shortly after snapping a picture of the ghostly face he painted over it with two coats of emulsion.

"The paint is a similar colour to a shroud so it felt appropriate," he told the Mail.

The image of Jesus has been found in dozens of strange and surprising places over the years - from a field in Hungary to a sock and a grilled cheese sandwich.