19/03/2012 06:35 GMT | Updated 19/05/2012 06:12 BST

Eurovision Song Contest: Here's Engelbert Humperdinck's Song 'Love Will Set You Free (LISTEN)

Engelbert Humperdinck's song for this year's Eurovision Song Contest has been unveiled, and it's a syrupy ballad entitled Love Will Set You Free.

On first listen, it seems to hit all the requisite notes for Eurovision triumph - a calm introduction, with Humperdinck's strong voice backed only by a lone strumming guitar and a bed of strings, leading up to a West-End-worthy chorus. And yes - you can mop your brow - there is a stonking key change after the first couple of minutes, before he brings us home on tune and in time.

Humperdinck will perform the song on behalf of Great Britain at the 57th Song Contest, to be held on Saturday 26th May in Azerbaijan, with 42 countries competing and in front of an estimated 120 million television viewers worldwide.

The song, a low-key offering which may yet stay in the ear after a few listens, has been created by a team with an impressive back-catalogue - writer and producer is the Grammy winner Martin Terefe (previous collaborations include James Morrison and KT Tunstall) and the Ivor Novello Award-winning Sacha Skarbek, who has previously written with Adele and James Blunt. And with Arlene Phillips on hand to choreograph Humperdinck's performance on the night, it's a veritable one-man Eurovision hit factory.

Humperdinck is sounding confident, saying today: "I have my eyes on the prize. I'm very proud of the song and with the nation behind me, I feel ready and look forward to the rollercoaster ride that is Eurovision!"

Have a listen to the song and see what you think - does it have what it takes to win?