19/03/2012 08:08 GMT | Updated 19/03/2012 10:22 GMT

'Girl's First Ski Jump' Is Really Rather Inspirational (VIDEO)

Now there's some serious debate about whether the 'girl' in this video is, in fact, a young person of the feminine persuasion. Could she not be a pre-pubescent boy with a voice many might presume is a girl's? The YouTube comments argument rages on.

But whatever the gender of this awesomely brave fourth grader - which means s/he's around 10 years old, non-American readers - we are absolutely blown away by his/her bravery.

Shot via a helmet cam at the Utah Olympic Park, it's the kind of home grown inspirational video that makes you want to go out there, strap on a pair of waxed plastic planks and live your life to the full.

Ah, the internet... sometimes you you shower us with animal funnies, sometimes you inspire us with tiny children who are braver than us. Nice work, that global system of interconnected computer networks, nice work.

And for some more ice-based inspiration, here's a Frenchman wetting himself - no, not literally - as he goes down an Olympic bobsleigh run. Sacre bleu, indeed!