19/03/2012 05:04 GMT | Updated 18/05/2012 06:12 BST

Lana Del Rey Teams Up With Tattooed Ex-Boyfriend For 'Blue Jeans'

Lana Del Rey caused ripples with her tattooed co-star in the video for Born To Die.

Now, she's wheeled him out again for her Blue Jeans video, from the same album which debuted at number two in the Billboard charts.

The normally demure American singer has brought out a more sensual side in this video, dressed in a white bathing suit and staring deep into her tattooed friend's eyes.

The man is male model Bradley Soileau, who is pretty distinctive-looking, with an array of tattoos, not least the phrase 'War Inside My Head' tattooed on his forehead.

Entertainment Wise quotes Soileau commenting on the rumours of Del Rey's plastic surgery, including his bon mot - "I've kissed a girl with fake lips, and they aren't fake."

At least if she gets bored, she has something to read...