19/03/2012 17:08 GMT | Updated 19/03/2012 17:14 GMT

Sport Relief: Andrew Flintoff Sets World Records For Charity

Andrew Flintoff amassed a number of world records on Monday as part of a Sport Relief challenge - but only after a few attempts.

The former cricket star was aiming to bag 12 bizarre world records throughout the day, moving from one stunt to the next.

However, a series of near-misses during the morning, including narrowly failing a reverse bungee jump attempt and a three-point turn challenge by 3cm, meant he had his work cut out as the day wore on.

The ex-England captain did manage to set a record for downing a cup of hot chocolate in 5.45 seconds, and another for the most number of "Likes" on a Facebook page in an hour.

He also added a further record by travelling 100m in a pedalo in under two minutes before suffering a glorious failure live on ITV1's This Morning when he attempted to wrap presenter Holly Willoughby in newspaper in three minutes and seven seconds.

He struggled to find the end of the roll of sticky tape, costing him valuable seconds as co-host Phillip Schofield hid his head in his hands.

And he was disappointed that he had been supplied with tabloid rather than broadsheet pages, making the challenge harder.

"Little newspapers," he grumbled.

Another of his unsuccessful efforts was to eat a muffin in 35 seconds and he blamed the quality of the produce.

He told the presenters: "I'll be honest with you - the preparation wasn't good. I think it had been in the canteen for three weeks."

Flintoff's was soon back on track though in the afternoon as he rattled through further challenges, including some of those that he had earlier fluffed and by 4.30pm had achieved 10.

He managed the fastest three-point turn in 14.01 seconds, and set a new standard for the fastest 100 metres covered in a "zorb" - a large plastic ball - with a time of 26.59 seconds.

Officials from Guinness World Records confirmed a new record for the most number of cricket deliveries faced, with 19 balls in one minute. Bowlers included Gary Lineker and McFly star Harry Judd, the winner of last year's Strictly Come Dancing final.

Sport Relief claimed he reached his target of 12 records by the evening as he scored a bullseye on a darts board over a distance of 5.5 metres (18ft).

He earlier hit 11 when he matched an existing record for making nine hot dogs in one minute.

Highlights of Flintoff's antics are to be shown during the Sport Relief night broadcast on BBC1 on Friday 23 March.