19/03/2012 08:18 GMT

Tonight's TV Pick: The Anti-Social Network, Scott & Bailey

The Anti-Social Network -BBC 3, 9pm

Radio 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon attempts to track down and confront three internet bullies as he explores the wider issue of online abuse in The Anti-social Network.

The documentary sees Bacon draw on his own experiences from the past two years, during which he has been subject to persistent online abuse — some of which has been aimed at his family.

Bacon knows one of his tormentors only by their Twitter handle @dick_bacon_boom and, because the tirades are anonymous, it’s tough to track down who is responsible.

The former Blue Peter presenter has taken his complaint to the police and now hopes to shine the light on what a wide-spread problem online 'trolls' are.

In the programme he says the problem is " definitely growing and it's definitely getting worse".

He adds: "You have got to try and work out where critical comment crosses over into harassment.

"Under freedom of speech people can criticise you and slag you off, it's their right to do that. It's when it becomes deeply personal, obsessive and weird."

He also meets families who have been targeted by trolls, in cases he said are far more distressing than what he has been through.

Scott & Bailey - ITV, 9pm

Also cracking down on crime tonight are detectives Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott.

In this grisly, gripping second episode of the ITV drama series, Scott and Bailey face a wall of silence in their investigation into the murders of two vulnerable men, eventually making a shocking breakthrough.

And Rachel makes the mistake of waking up in bed with charismatic colleague Sean, while Janet wants to keep her newly single status a secret.