20/03/2012 11:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Crowned Britain's Greatest Gran After Saving Daughter's Life And Funding IVF For Her Grandsons

'Britain's Greatest Gran' Sandra Margetts and her daughter Laura Wright and family

Supermum Sandra Margetts has been crowned Britain's Greatest Gran by ITV's Daybreak TV show after saving her daughter's life.

Faced with losing 34-year-old Laura Wright to an inoperable brain tumour, Sandra and husband Bob found and paid for pioneering treatment in America.

The treatment saved Laura's life but unfortunately left her unable to have the family she always wanted.

Again, Laura's family stepped in and funded the IVF treatment that gave her two sons. Their story proves that when medical treatment fails, a mother's love and devotion can be just as powerful.

In total, they spent about £175,000.

Sandra said: "You put your savings away for a rainy day and it was raining hard."

"I just can't find the words to thank my mum and dad for what they have done for me," said Laura, 34, from Liphook, Hampshire.

"They have never given up on me, and because of them I can have the life I've always dreamed of.

"I'm still alive and I have the two most gorgeous sons. And its all thanks to mum and dad who have made it all happen for me."

When she was in her twenties, Laura suffered a rare brain tumour and the operation to try and reduce it caused her to have a massive stroke, paralysing her.

But Laura's parents Sandra and Rob never gave up hope. They spent hours researching new treatments until they found a centre in the U.S. that could help their daughter.

They then used their life savings to pay for pioneering proton therapy to bombard the tumour with radioactive particles to shrink the tumour.

The treatment was successful but it left Laura unable to have the family she desperately wanted.

Laura's parents stepped in once again and funded the cost of seven cycles of IVF treatment to give their daughter and her husband Rob, 38, the two sons she had dreamed of. Felix is now four and Ben is just 18months old.

Sadly, the stroke has left Laura with drop foot and so she uses a lightweight silicone support called a Silicone-Ankle-Foot Orthosis on her right leg that allows her to walk.