20/03/2012 09:31 GMT

The Apprentice 2012: Jenna Whittingham Candidate Profile

Jenna Whittingham, 25, is beauty salon owner who lives in Lancashire. Why should she be Lord Sugar's next Apprentice?

Well, she says: “My personality and character is ‘once seen never forgotten”.

Her Apprentice candidate profile reads:

Homebody Jenna has never been away from home for longer than a week and can’t cook or clean. Jenna spends her spare time horse-riding and competing in show jumping events and competed at the Wembley 1998 Horse of the Year show. She describes herself as a ‘people person’ but also admits to being a bad loser. Jenna is dyslexic and her role model is her dad, who is also dyslexic but set up his own business building horse boxes. Her ambition is to earn a million pounds before she turns 30.

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