21/03/2012 12:41 GMT | Updated 22/03/2012 08:11 GMT

Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses: Unofficial Walthamstow Tourist Board Takes Facebook By Storm (PICTURES)

An unofficial tourism page is putting the east London suburb that is Walthamstow firmly on the map.

Run by artist and film-maker Warpdog, the Facebook page for Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board showcases some of the glorious sights the borough has to offer.

It also raises awareness to the plight of abandoned mattresses (plural: mattri, of course), while issuing a plea for big-hearted folks like you and I to adopt them.

Its latest offering - an album entitled Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses - has cunningly matched up mattri discarded in the E17 postcode with famous faces including the Queen, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, and Britney Spears.

The site explains: "This sickening problem is often caused by owners moving, passing away or finding a nicer mattress.

"Mattri are often left to fend for themselves on the streets and some even become feral. Over 50% of abandoned mattri are euthanised while others are adopted or end up in shelters."

With these heartbreaking revelations in mind, can you offer one a home? (I'm taking Mickey Rourke).

The page also references the borough's most well-known resident 'international potato botherer' E17 singer Brian Harvey, who famously blamed a spud for a freak accident which saw him run over by his own car.

Warpdog serves up a potted history of the area as: "Walthamstow (known as 'Awesomestow' or 'the stow') was originally situated in northern France, but Queen Victoria won it on a bet with Napolean III in 1852.

"Vicky had Walthamstow flat-packed and shipped to North East London, where it remains today."