21/03/2012 06:13 GMT | Updated 21/03/2012 06:26 GMT

First Clip Of Kate Moss In 'Absolutely Fabulous' For Sport Relief (VIDEO)

Kate Moss is a good egg. We know this because we've seen her Misery Bear short, and now, a bit of her work on the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous special.

The former was in aid of Auntie Beeb's Comic Relief campaign, and the latter is for its more athletic cousin, Sport Relief. Both help some of the world's poorest children, both here in the UK and elsewhere, improve their lives.

And though one of the world's best known supermodels larking about with the '39-year-old' Patsy doesn't sound like it's got much to do with sport, what does that matter? It's Kate Moss! With Joanna Lumley! Making you laugh!

Always a pleasure watching to take the mick out of yourself Kate, always. Of course, Kate's Sport Relief appearance isn't the only funny thing to come out of the BBC's biannual charity extravaganza - just take a look at this handy video gallery below for more sporty funtimes.