21/03/2012 12:21 GMT

Sweet-Throwing Ghost Caught On Australian Supermarket CCTV (VIDEO)

Here's something that you may not know already: Australian ghosts like Fruit Roll-Ups. Well, this Australian ghost does. If he really exists, of course.

Caught on CCTV in an Adelaide IGA supermarket, the poltergeist was first noticed when the shop's owner, Norm Hurst, spotted a pack of the previously mentioned sweets lying on the shop floor.

Checking the security tapes to see how it ended up there, he saw something truly remarkable - flying sweets. Moving as if they'd been picked up and slung down the aisle, there's no obvious explanation of how the incident occurred... aside from the paranormal.

It looks so real, in fact, that the local ghostbusters - Adelaide Paranormal Detectives, to be precise - have said that the footage looks like the real deal.

But what do you reckon? A trick of the light or something from the other side? Let us know in the poll and comment box below.

Plus, as we're talking about ghosts caught on CCTV, here are a few more sightings spotted on security tapes. Warning: they're not all as good as the one above, and there is a definitely fake - but definitely scary - number in amongst them all. Can you spot which one we're talking about?

Ghosts On CCTV